NPS Image Editor

NPS Image Editor

Edit images pixel-by-pixel, along with multiple layers and transparency
NPS Image Editor v3.2
03 Nov 2020
NPS Image Editor v3.0
11 Sep 2012
NPS Image Editor v3.0b
3.0 β
11 May 2013

What's new

- Fix bug where creating an NPSD from an existing or pasted file resulted in "unknown file format" error when saving.
- Fix undo from deleting selection and creating new layer from selection.
- Fix issue where pasting immediately after creating a freeform selection kept the old selection's mask.
- Fix numbering of untitled documents (including in the Window menu).
- Added keyboard select to Move tool.
- Added support for creating menus for generic add-ins.
- Better handling for inaccessible or corrupt configuration file (previously prevented the program from loading, now loads with defaults).
- Added Facebook link in help menu.

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